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a tutorial on how to use flash. After some time with flash I took the initiative to go to college and I soon graduated with an applied science associates degree from Tribeca Flashpoint. Leaving college with more experience and determination I took necessary time to own my skills with level design. Making multiple 3rd party maps for various games such as Counter-Strike, Left 4 dead and eventually Arma 3. Now I'm a Quality Assurance UI specialist at Wargaming in Chicago, working on titles like World of Tanks. I take great pride in my accomplishments so far and am excited to see what the future offers.

level designer, Quality assurance specialist

I realized early on that the only thing more fulfilling than being happy is seeing others happy. My passion comes from playing games and seeing others expressions when they feel those emotions too. I can't think of anything more exciting than building worlds and watching people interact in them. I started off by making levels and maps for Red Alert, then Half Life and at some point I realized that I could make this into a career. I've always been ambitious on learning new things and applying them in the most efficient way. I also picked up Adobe flash at a young age and found great joy in creating animations. Through animations I found myself often teaching peers around me and decided to make